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"I’m #healthdesigncupid and I am playing matchmaker for health partners and designers"

Are you a health partner who needs help with design and development of web and mobile apps?

Are you a designer, artist, or developer interested in improving health?



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Who are you and what are you doing?

This is an experiment brought to you by Joyce Lee, MD, MPH, Matt Kenyon, & Emily Hirschfeld.

Why are you doing this?

It’s really hard for individuals who work in the healthcare setting to find partners with talents in design, illustration, and web and mobile application design. We need good design for good health, so this is an effort to connect the two communities. We also wanted a web prototype to launch on Valentine’s day.

Does the #healthdesigncupid really exist?

Actually the #healthdesigncupid is just a series of google spreadsheets that can give you a list of people with complementary interests. #healthdesigncupid gives you a list of potential partners to contact, but you have to do the legwork and make the connection. What can we say? A good relationship takes time and effort. Some examples of successful matchmaking may include: a health partner hiring a student with design skills, or a faculty member in the medical school connecting with a faculty member in the School of Art and Design to develop a collaboration. We included filters so you can sort by institution and rank.

Are you affiliated with an institution?

We are individuals from disparate communities within a large university campus located in a town with the initials AA, in a state that starts with the letters “Mi” and ends with the letter “n”.

Are you a dating service and do you charge?

No we are not a dating service, and we don’t charge you any fees. But do tell us if you have made a health-design connection! We would love to hear about it!

What are the risks?

If you decide to include your contact information, this is available through the public links, so use at your own risk. We cannot take responsibility for good or bad outcomes from this web prototype. But do contact us if you have suggestions or ideas! Tweet to @joyclee or Email:

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